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it’s true, us guys want to trim up just as much as women these days and it’s not so easy to do when you are busy with well you know, life! Take it from me, I was really excited about CoolSculpting once I saw the results and how quick and easy it really is. I stay in pretty good shape but I also have a few trouble areas that no matter how much I diet or how long I run on the treadmill, I still can’t rid myself of that stubborn love handle. Not to mention the age defying double chin that had been creeping up on me.

CoolSculpting has allowed me to really carve those trouble areas free from my physique and roll back the years on my dial. The process literally takes less than an hour and there are no marks, bruising or indications that you have had anything done. You can go back to your normal routine that very day.

If you have any questions about CoolSculpting for men, feel free to email me personally at or book a free consultation below. Also use this link to find more information on our CoolSculpting page.

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