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Cleanse, Tone, and Extract!
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At 7 Med Spa, we offer several treatments to target our clients specific concerns and deliver real results.

One of our most talked about treatments is the 7 Signature Facial. The 7 Signature Facial is a customized approach that we take depending on what your skin needs. We cleanse, tone and extract using the highest quality of medical grade products and target your specific skin needs.  Add one or more of our enhancers  to personalize and boost your treatment.

Customized Chemical Peels:

  • Ormedic : ( unbalanced , pre and post chemotherapy, pregnant/breastfeeding, sensitive)
  • Signature Face Lift : ( redness, dry, sensitive)
  • Lightening : best for (pigmentation, photo damage, sun spots)
  • Wrinkle : best for (aging, fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin, photo aging)
  • Acne: best for ( oily skin, Acne prone, wrinkles, acne grade I-II)
  • Beta: best for ( oily skin, Acne prone, wrinkles, acne grade III-IV)
  • Perfection : best for (advancing aging, advanced acne, advanced pigmentation, Fitzpatrick skin type)

Add any enhancer to your peel for that perfect boost!

  • Stem cell : Damaged cells, Lines and Wrinkles, photo damage)
  • Anti-oxidant: helps with (environmentally sensitive, inflammation, aging)
  • Hyaluronic Acid : helps with (dehydration, aging, redness, loss and volume, sensitivity)
  • Retinol : helps with (wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, aging)
  • Vitamin C : helps with (photo again, inflammation, dehydration, aging)
  • Kojic Acid : helps with ( sun spots, uneven skin tone, post inflammation hyperpigmentation)